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PUMP PLANET is up and running!!!!
After the long wait, PUMP PLANET is finally here. And it looks very promising.


FREE VIP! for everyone

FREE Diamonds!

FREE Stars & Coins!

FREE Cars & Houses!

It's all about FUN, and it's 100% free. MSP MovieStarPlanet is all about getting you to par ridiculous over-prices for worthless virtual items and VIP. Why pay for something that should be FREE.

QUIT MovieStarPlanet, and join the new 100% free PUMP PLANET, and bring back the fun.
Stop paying over-prices at MSP for nothing. All MSP does, is taking your money, and leave you to get hacked and ban you for nothing. Where's the fun in that??
People are leaving MSP faster than ever. Do the same, and make a stop to the MSP scam.
MSP is old, slow, ugly, out-dated and plain boring. The movies suck big time, and the discrimination of people based on income is horrible. $79 for VIP, really??? You could get a whole year of a quality MMORPG for that price, or even less.

At PUMP PLANET everything is FREE, it's all about fun and friendship, not about tricking you to pay money, REAL money, for virtual items with no value what so ever. At PUMP PLANET there is absolutely no hacking or scamming. As everything is free, who would need to hack? PUMP PLANET also works fast on all devices. You can play from you computer, laptop, pad or cell phone just the same. No silly app where you can't do anything, it's the full game everywhere!

PUMP PLANET has been developed in almost 3 days! It's all brand new, and much faster than the old MSP MovieStarPlanet. Join PUMP PLANET today, and forget all about MSP. Your friends might already be there waiting for you. a brand new luxury house, with a shiny new sports car. And not the old ugly kind from MSP. No, in brand new top design 3D state of the art luxury. It's more and more painful to watch the ugly drawings and animation on MSP, and all in slow-motion, as the site is so badly made, it is slow on any deice. It's can't even run on a phone, that's why they made the sad excuse of an app. PUMP PLANET won't need an app to run. You can play from anywhere on any device, the full FREE game and chat. There is also no blocking of video's on PUMP PLANET. You can watch all your favorite channels in peace, without having your playlist deleted every second. And there is no nanny who doesn't know good from bad, and no moderators that ban the wrong people. All is nice and great. Try it out. It's free, so why not?

At PUMP PLANET everyone is welcome. As PUMP PLANET grows, more options will come. A few hours of development will be put here and there, so the site will become bigger with time. Even though it's already much better than MSP, it doesn't stop there.


Read about MSP MovieStarPlanet:

Interview with MSP MovieStarPlanet:

PUMP PLANET is finally ready!
Pump Planet is nothing like MSP, it's much much better and more fun. There is NO hacking and  NO scamming, so you won't see pages filled with hackers, like you do on MSP. 

PUMP PLANET has NO inappropriate videos, like the ones you see on MSP:

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MSP is mostly about hacking and bullying. PUMP PLANET is about having fun and friendship. All countries will play together, and no one will ever get banned. There is NO stupid nanny, or ******** for every word you write.

No more ugliness like this:


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